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The size with the marteline

The size with the marteline

Specialty of Loire studio, since their founding by Gabriel Loire. These stained glass windows are made from slabs of glass 22 mm thick, colored in the mass.
The master glassmaker cuts the slab of glass with the marteline and bursts the surface so that the light is diffracted. After having placed the pieces of glass on the pouring table and made a formwork to the dimensions of the panel, it "sinks" a mortar of cement or epoxy resin to crimp them.
This technique benefits, in Lèves, from a stock of more than 250 shades and a know-how of more than 70 years that make the Loire studios famous all over the world.
The Loire studios are also specialized in the restoration of slabs of glass stained glass windows. They conducted research for the development of new cement mortars.