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Thermoformed and tempered glass door

Thermoformed and tempered glass door

New techniques

Fusing, Thermoforming, Laminating resin, ...

New tools and materials, mostly from the glass industry, are expanding the means of expression. The Loire studio are at the forefront of innovation in this field.

New tools: large baking ovens (170 x 320 cm and 150 x 250 cm useful), screen printing, gun for grisaille and enamels.
New materials: fusing compatible lenses, silicone glue, laminating resin, ...
New know-how at the service of creation:
  •     Thermoforming: under the action of heat the glass softens and descends by gravity onto the shapes of the mold above which it is placed. Glasses 6 to 25 mm thick can be thermoformed and then "tempered" for safety
  •     Fusing: colorless or colored pieces of glass are superimposed, then the whole is fused in an oven at about 840 ° C
  •     Laminating resin: assembly by a resin colored glasses on a glass support generally colorless
  •     Silicone bonding: these soft glues resist humidity. Walls or sculptures glued on slice are made by this process