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Maurice Rocher - Le Mesnil-Véneron - St Peter church


Le Mesnil-Véneron

Artist : Maurice Rocher

Type of buildings : Religious building


Date : 1954

Architect : Yves Cochepain

Technical : Slabs of glass and cement

Slabs of glass and cement, 1954, sanctuary: 1 bay with attributes of St. Peter and St. Paul (10 m²), High nave: 4 lancets in abstract mosaics (6.88 m²), low nave: with attributes (3.18 m²) ), Sacristies: glazed windows (4.24 m²) totaling 24.3 m², Yves Cochepain architect, no models in archives

Maurice ROCHER

French expressionist artist-painter
Stained glass creation with Gabriel Loire in 1954

Site : http://www.mauricerocher.org/